New online casinos to play for bitcoin

New bitcoin casinos for exciting gambling

In 2022, hardly anyone will say that there are too few cryptocurrency gambling sites on the Internet. These portals not only exist, but are catching up with traditional online casinos in terms of the scale of bonus offers and the growth of new users.

At the same time, the variety of requests from users who prefer Bitcoin slot machines makes it clear that the cryptocurrency gambling space is only a fraction filled. This means only one thing: new crypto casinos are welcomed with open arms.

Proven new crypto casinos

If you have the thought of trying Bitcoin games at some new portal, but are wary of unfamiliar sites, this mini review will be just right. Here you can find recently created portals with good reputation and positive feedback from players.

Winz Casino Casino is a new portal with bitcoin games that offers only quality slots and table casino games. The site also has jackpot games and live casino games with real dealers. One of the main features of this resource is the x0 multiplier wagering (none at all), which makes Winz wagering requirements the lowest in the industry. It accepts BTC, BCH, ETH, DOGE, LTC, USDT.


Slotum Casino strikes a chord with gamblers with jackpots of up to 18 BTC and a myriad of cryptocurrency slot machines. There is an extensive set of deposit bonuses and a loyalty program with freespins and cash bonuses. It accepts BTC, BCH, ETH, DOGE, LTC. is one of those newcomers that offer a whole set of characters with unique bonuses. In addition, there are deposit bonuses and a loyalty program available. There is also quite a rich collection of casino games from well-known providers. It accepts BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT, DOGE, BCH.

FairSpin Casino is very different from any crypto casino that you can find on our site. This resource runs on the Ethereum blockchain and this site has some unique games, a cool bonus referral system and outstanding tournaments.

What’s good about new crypto casinos

Fans of cryptocurrency gambling quickly realized that new casinos with cryptocurrency games often make drastic concessions for the sake of an influx of future players. Moreover, as the industry evolves, they constantly have to come up with something new and exciting to get people’s attention.

The classic option is unusually generous bonus offers. Gamblers find it hard to resist bonuses that are, for example, two or three times higher than at other cryptocurrency casinos. And if they have to spend a minute or two to register at a new crypto casino, they will gladly go for such conditions. The main thing is that the casino won’t be left in debt and will reward the “efforts” of new users with bonus plushies.

Here are a few examples, which are often found in new Bitcoin casinos:

  • – Increased Welcome Bonus for Deposits
  • – No deposit bonus for registration
  • – Promo codes with a limited validity period
  • – Increased cashback for a certain amount of time
  • – Additional Freespins for Deposits

Bonus codes are worth mentioning separately. It’s a rather common practice among cryptocurrency casinos that have just opened. They use a variety of channels for their own advertising, and promo codes for no deposit bonuses often come into play. It makes sense to look for them on information sites – sometimes they are exclusive.

It is very simple and very effective. No deposit bonus allows the player to get acquainted with the new casino with the feeling of playing for real money. It motivates to register on the site, updating the counter of new users of the portal. It turns out to be a win-win situation for both parties.

But sometimes it’s not enough just to increase bonuses or make a mailing of promo codes. The fact is that big bitcoin portals often do not cost anything to “level up” their own bonus offers, making this advantage of new cryptocasinos less relevant. What to say about sites that increase wagering requirements along with bonuses. Even if a player is interested in the promo, the high wager can leave an unpleasant aftertaste.

In such a case, newbie sites try to do something original. Recently, adding role-playing elements to the resource has become a relatively popular option. For example, such a casino can be made in the style of a fictional world, where the user has to choose one of the many heroes-avatars with unique features.

Naturally, this is where additional rewards come into play. This is usually done in such a way that each of the characters gives the player access to a unique bonus, which will provide an advantage in the casino games for bitcoins. These special features are perfectly combined with the rest of the newfangled cryptocurrency portal’s features, not to mention all the same freespins, cashbacks and bonus money.

There are other ways to make bonus offers interesting and special. On new bitcoin game sites, it’s not uncommon to see something like a large-scale quest. This is a kind of metagame that takes into account a player’s performance in casino games. A frequent solution is to use a system of levels, for which it is necessary to earn special points by betting real money.

Getting new levels, users are step by step closer to the coveted finale and the main prize, which will get the leader. These prizes vary – it all depends on the starting capital of a new bitcoin site. This can be a thousand freespins, a new macbook, a large bag of money or, in some cases, a trip for two to a tropical island.

A separate advantage of such quests is that users will also receive bonuses as they reach new levels. Even if you fail to reach the finish line first, the portal will still give the player something like free spins or cash bonuses.

Some casinos may go even further and combine such a quest with the aforementioned character avatars and loyalty program. This is possible through the introduction of bonus points that are given to the player for deposits, bets in casino games and so on.

Generally, original promotions can be called a distinctive feature of new bitcoin casinos. This is an excellent way to attract players to the site in the shortest possible time. Moreover, this item is almost mandatory in times of struggle for clicks and attention.

The players are only happy about it. Not only are they given the opportunity to play for cryptocurrency at the new casino, but they can also take part in exciting promotions and get rewards for playing for real money. And in the case of tournaments – to feel a storm of emotions in pursuit of the main prize, competing with other gamblers.

Here lies another plus for newcomers to crypto-gambling. If a gambling tournament is held on a little-known portal, thousands of players can take part in it simultaneously, and even more. That is, they will all be competing with each other.

The new bitcoin platforms are another matter. There, you will have to deal with a much smaller number of fans of casino games on cryptocurrencies. Accordingly, the chances of taking the prize will be much higher, and the race itself will not be as difficult.

For a new cryptocurrency casino, each new user will be much more important than for the “whales” of online gambling. This implies certain differences in the attitude towards such a player. It is not that large portals treat their users badly – such sites are usually very customer-oriented. But still, in some aspects there will be a difference, even if it is in the speed of customer support responses.

You can also add to this the resolution of controversial situations. In an ideal world, they never happen, but in reality users sometimes have to prove that they have not violated any rules, and all their winnings are absolutely honest and fair.

Well-known platforms in such cases are likely to stand their ground until the user proves otherwise. Sometimes this process can drag on for a long time, making the player uncomfortable and freezing their funds.

New crypto casinos will meet the user more readily. No, this does not mean that they will allow breaking their own rules and terms of use of the resource. But they will at least try to come to the solution of the problematic situation as soon as possible, so that such a case does not become a questionable stain on the reputation of the site with cryptocurrency games.

If the portal has opportunities for players to communicate with each other, this too can be an advantage compared to the “noisy” chats of popular crypto-platforms. In a new casino with Bitcoin games, more interesting conversations will take place between players, and discussing winnings and losses together will develop a sense of cohesion. Unfortunately, this is almost impossible in chat rooms with a large number of users.

Another plus of the new cryptocurrency casinos is undoubtedly their openness to unconventional solutions and the introduction of new technologies. A platform that has been operating for 8 years is unlikely to dare to make cardinal changes or experiments with an unpredictable outcome. Players who want changes are forced to leave it in search of something original.